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A serious consideration

By far the majority of members are part of our PROTECTED MEMBERSHIP SCHEME, and wisely so. There are however some of you who have been members for many years and have not taken up this benefit. Perhaps it’s time to change. 

familyWhat’s it all about?

Protected Membership allows you to nominate a loved one overseas, and should you or your nominated overseas partner meet with an accident that causes serious injury or death, the Association provides a ticket to get you to them or vice versa up to R15 000. 

What is the definition of “Accident” ?

Serious bodily injury or death caused by violent external or visible means. In the event of injury, the patient must be on the danger list.

Are there exclusions?

YES, but only a few. In a nutshell these are suicide, taking part in dangerous sports or activities, rebellion, riot or any consequence of war or radioactivity.

Is there an age limit?

NO, anyone can be nominated regardless of age. No medicals are obviously required, as even if the person nominated suffers from a chronic illness they can still be covered for serious accidental injury or death.

What do I do in the event of a claim?

You should immediately (or up to a maximum of seven days) contact our office in Hout Bay. Over weekends and holidays you can use our emergency number 082 779 4253 to speak to the person on duty. You must at all times be able to provide us with the name and telephone number of the doctor or hospital to be contacted to verify the accident. Before we are able to release a ticket it will be necessary for us to make suitable enquiries to establish validity.

Can I nominate someone not living in the UK?

YES, Protected Membership is a worldwide benefit, so family living in other parts of the world can also be covered.

Do you notify my family?

NO, the onus is on you to let them know they are covered, you can post them off a copy of your Protected Membership Benefit and advise them to contact us in the event of an accident.

How much does it cost?

One overseas nominee will cost you R150 per annum. Additional names (up to a maximum of four) are R80 each. If for example you have a son and daughter living in the UK, and you wish to be covered to visit either of them, and vice versa, it will cost you R310 per annum. This will mean that if either of your children meet with an accident you will be covered to fly to the UK. Similarly should anything happen to you, both children would be flown to SA.

What is the value of the ticket?

Currently Friends of the Lion will provide a ticket up to a maximum value including airport taxes of R15000. If necessary you are able to pay in any difference to make up the cost of the fare. If the ticket cost is less than R15 000 you are not entitled to receive the difference.

How quickly can you get me on a flight?

From the moment you advise us we will start arranging to get you on the first available flight. At peak times it may be difficult to get a low cost ticket but every effort will be made to get you away soonest. Please make sure your passport is always up to date as we have no influence over Consulates to speed this up.

What is the validity of Protected Membership?

It lasts for 12 months and needs to be renewed annually. About a month prior to it lapsing we send you out a reminder to renew. Once you have paid, you should receive written confirmation from us within 2 weeks.


We are very saddened when tragedies occur. We know that whilst the free emergency flight benefit in no way lessens the grief, it does help remove any financial strain a tragedy can bring. We are more saddened however, when we have to turn down an appeal for financial aid from people who are not part of our Membership Scheme. So don’t think it can never happen to you, have peace of mind by ensuring you are a Protected Member.


Towards the end of last year Tommy Green who was camping in Natal, had a bad fall off the wooden deck outside his tent. He was admitted to Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg and we helped arrange to get his daughter Beverley out from the UK under this scheme. Sadly he never recovered and we were advised recently that he had died. Our thoughts are with his family for all the hardships they endured.

Dear Marion,
I have paid the premium for Protected Membership for many years now, to cover the possible necessity of having urgently to fly to the UK in case my aged mother had an unforeseen accident. Such an event took place earlier this year when she had a bad fall which resulted in an upper femur being fractured. I immediately notified yourselves of the situation, but before I was able to get on a flight to the UK my mother died whilst they were operating. Needless to say I flew to the UK to sort out her affairs and cremation, and subsequently through your office a claim for my belated flight to the UK was submitted and paid. I give you a sincere “thank you” for your assistance in resolving the claim.

Adrian Newton,