President’s Message



Dear Friends,

What a time we have had, celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, recalling Seventy years of Service. Might I suggest that her service to the Nation is over eighty years. When I was 12 years of age (in 1940) she gave an inspiring message to the children of Britain saying that she and her sister were with us in this dangerous time. Further, when she came of age, she joined the ATS as an example to us all, and during the War she, with her parents, visited many bomb sites. The Trooping of the Colour was magnificent this year as was the organisation behind the Commemoration Service at St Paul’s. I am sure that all our friends and families overseas watched these celebrations and felt proud to have such a close association with Britain. The concert outside Buckingham Palace was not quite my cup of tea. However, the organisation was superb. The Sunday afternoon Pageant was also very special.

As you are aware I have had businesses all over the world and travelled a great deal, especially in the old English-speaking Commonwealth. I cannot understand the suggestion that some countries wish to sever their contact with the Queen. Everywhere I have travelled be it Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, South Africa and Canada, there have been photographs of our wonderful Queen, often with Prince Philip. I have always felt that Privilege should be closely linked with Service and I cannot visualize a finer example of this than Her Majesty the Queen. We, who are in a privileged position by inheritance or effort, should endeavour to follow her example, and make the world a better place.


A number of my friends have recently returned from a holiday in South Africa and they tell me that whilst there are still problems they felt secure, especially in hotels and restaurants, where the staff were meticulous in cleaning surfaces, etc. The skies are now open. Let us all visit our friends and families overseas. Whilst we hear of problems at airports and flights being cancelled this seems to have affected short-haul rather than long-haul. I am finalising my plans to take a group of bowlers to tour South Africa next February.


Let us all live our lives to the full and, if possible, to the benefit of others.
All good wishes

Stuart Weaving Founder and International President