President’s Message

Stuart Weaving Founder and International President - Friends of the Lion

Stuart Weaving

Dear Members,

In 1968 I founded the Friends of the Springbok Association in the UK, which was quickly followed by Friends of the Lion in South Africa. For fifty-one years we have continued to promote friendship between the Old Commonwealth countries, and have encouraged families to keep in touch.  It is so much easier today with emails, WhatsApp, Skype calls and many others, but the reunion visit is still the most cherished of all.

Over the years we have used our substantial membership strength to lobby the Powers that Be to help us continue to develop these contacts.  In the changing world of travel, sadly it has now become impossible to provide fares at a lower price than the airlines themselves.

My wife Dorothy and I continue to promote friendship between the UK and SA, and make frequent visits to our much loved South Africa.  Even though I am now approaching 92 I am extremely fit and looking forward to enjoying most of February and March in South Africa with a party of 24 bowlers from the UK. This year our itinerary starts in Durban and we then move onto Wild Coast and Ladysmith to visit the Battlefields.From Natal we head North to Nelspruit and the Kruger Park and onto Sun City. Our final stop is Johannesburg and the wonderful Michelangelo Hotel where we held our 50th Anniversary and my 90th Birthday, perhaps you were even there.

After visiting South Africa more than 100 times since 1964, I am sure our latest visit will live up to all our expectations. We love meeting up with members on and off the bowling greens. If you have any happy Friends of the Lion memories please share them with us.

Yours in Friendship,

Stuart Weaving

Founder and International President